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  1. [VN] [Ren'Py] [Koikatsu] Academy Of The Elite [v0.1] [Chaosborn]

    Overview: AOTE is a combination of a VN and a Sandbox environment. The content up until now is still completely VN, but this will change when the Academy year actually starts. You'll be attending a prestigious magic academy, and the goal will be to raise your class ranking, and your individual...
  2. 94-kun

    List of Koikatsu-based Games That Uploaded on LewdCorner

    While LewdCorner have lots of adult visual novels, the one thing that interests me is the 3D render were taken from this software called Koikatsu (or Koikatsu Party if you bought it on either STEAM or Fakku). Koikatsu has a build-in editor in which you could create your very own anime-based...
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