1. chip99

    Anybody can recommend a good Futa dating sim game?

    Like the title says. Im looking for a dating sim game but with futas.
  2. longcake67

    Best games featuring trans characters

    Hi all I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the best games featuring trans characters. I have played quite a few and am wondering about more. Two recent favs were Eruption Imminent and Having a HARD time.
  3. b0bb09189

    Why Futa

    I've noticed that games with Futa content seem to be on the rise in popularity. It's not my cup of tea; but I am curious about its popularity. What is it about this content that peaks your interest?
  4. Corellius

    the degradation of porn tags

    alternate thread title: a lurkers 4am drunk sleep deprived manifesto on why porn tags suck now, and not in the good way. i dont know if anyone else has noticed it, maybe im just going crazy, but porn tags like 10 years ago would help you find exactly what you were looking for but these days...
  5. momopich

    top futa protagonist game

    im looking for the best game where you can play as a futa
  6. C

    Futa receiving games (male on futa, futa on futa)

    Hey guys, just looking for games that have shemales/ futas being fucked. Not looking for shemales/futas with only a pussy and no balls, but if they have balls and a pussy that's fine. And also, while I'm not into guys getting fucked by futas, if I have to suffer through it just to see a shemale...
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